What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Don’t make the mistake of falling trap to a sales pitch that does not offer any training on how to kill BED BUGS. This bed bug problem is nation wide and just like any other epidemic people are going to try and make money off the misery of the public.
Knowing where to look and what to look for are two of the reasons for failure. There are others that we will discuss below.
Most are wondering “do I have bed bugs” or “how to kill bedbugs in a mattress?”. Another question is “what do bed bugs look like on a mattress?” You may be asking “do bed bug bites itch?” Or maybe are there other “bugs that look like bed bugs?” Still others are wondering “how big are bed bugs?” We will answer all these questions in an other article.

The DIY How to Kill Bedbugs Kits

Almost every Bed Bug job we walk into we find chemicals that some one has bought to “Kill the Bed Bugs them selves”. I know why they were not successful.
It is a lack of preparation, equipment, knowledge, and patience.
Patience? Be prepared to treat and inspect and inspect again.
Let us discuss the two natural ways to kill bugs.

Thermal Treatment For Bed Bugs

All most any bug will succumb to high heat(above 140 degrees) and extreme cold (past freezing). There are exceptions to all rules.
If you happened to get bed bugs from Iraq or the deserts of the middle east you may have to heat them hotter because day time temps can get close to that.
That being said it is really tough to cool down a room to past freezing. There are machines that can create a cold stream, but for us it is the use of a steamer in our treatments that help guaranty success.

Killing bed bugs with heat

Not all steamers are created equally. If you think a clothes steamer is going to work think again. You must rely on an industrial steamer capable of achieving extremely hot steam 250 degrees or more at the contact point. These steamers typically will run around a thousand dollars.
The eradication of bed bugs is by itself expensive, be extremely careful not to fall prey to sales gimmicks alot of times you may be throwing good money after bad. At the same time don’t overpay for professional help. Many large companies will stick you with a high cost plan that often times is done by an untrained rookie because there turnover is so high. They rely on name recognition to sell you an over priced under trained technician.
I hope this helped shed light on DO IT YOURSELF BED BUG projects.
We at Patriot Pest Control are experts in killing bed bugs.
We will all ways provide free inspections and advice for those afflicted by this new epidemic of bed bugs. We will walk you through the preparation process. We explain the chemicals and equipment we use and why it works. Through this process we will demonstrate our knowledge share our patience and guaranty a successful outcome.

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