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It’s funny about giving out tips, once you know them you need to share them so others can enjoy the same success without so much trial and error. That’s why I started this vegetable gardening tips blog, to share.
Once I started gardening I found so much of the stresses in life just faded away while I was putter around in my gardens. I enjoyed it so much that I started a backyard gardening tips blog to share my experiences. Later I started vegetable gardening and found that it was a good stress release also but it also puts food on our table that is organic and we didn’t have to pay a grocery store for it.
Note: My wife and I were more than surprised at the difference our produce tasted compared to the stuff we buy at the grocery store. Our first experience was fresh strawberries andwe were speechless. Needless to say we didn’t really share any of those strawberries, maybe next year.
Once winter slammed into us I thought it was a great time to start a vegetable gardening tips blog to share what we are learning as we go because really we are still vegetable gardening newbies.
Fear Freezes So Many Potential Gardeners
We put off vegetable gardening for a long time because I just figured it was too hard and needed too much care but that was just fear of failure. Once a friend of my wife’s gave us some useful tips and advice we start and haven’t looked back.
We started in our first year planting one strawberry plant in a big pot and a couple of tomatoes in big pots as well. It was great but they soon grew out of their containers and I had to put them in the ground. They all survived although we were told to leave the strawberries without eating the fruit until the second year. By the second year that one little strawberry plant had turned into a patch of about 16ft by 3 feet and gave us so many berries.
The tomatoes just kept producing tomatoes until the fall and all the leaves were gone. It was amazing how many tomatoes we had and we did share many tomatoes.
The following year I started my first garden patch and then I was completely hooked.
I had a lot of fun learning about vegetable gardening in that first year and even started a garden recipe blog to share some of the recipes we used with our fruits and veggies throughout the summer.

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