Use A Rain Barrel To Water Your Garden

Want to do your part to save the environment and save money on your water bill every month? With Rain Barrels from Cool Garden Things you can do just that. The idea behind rain barrels is a simple one: when rain falls on your roof it runs down your gutter and builds up in the barrel at the end of the spout. The spout is used to keep plants watered and happy during dry spells. The included debris screen lets water in, but keeps bugs and plant matter out, ensuring clean rainwater every time. Rain barrels can even be connected to expand capacity, so even the largest garden can be watered in a natural and responsible manner.
If you live in an area where rainfalls are few and far between a rain barrel is an excellent way to solve your water woes. During a rainfall, water falling on your roof is channelled into the gutter and most likely drains into a single spot on the ground and soaks a tiny patch of grass. Putting a rain barrel at the end of your gutter is a simple way to collect water that would normally be unused. These barrels fill up faster then you would think, filling up your water reserves that can be used for days after the last drop of rain has fallen. The money you save on your water bill each month after buying a rain barrel really adds up, the barrel actually pays for itself. Living in a dry region shouldn’t stop you from maintaining a wonderful,radiant and with a rain barrel you no longer have to break the bank or feel bad about using litre after litre of city water.
Plants love rainwater, and you will too knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment. Tap water goes through extensive filtering before it makes it to your faucet, all to make it safe for human use. Purified water isn’t necessary for plants, especially since perfectly good rainwater is known to be beneficial to their growth. In fact states that “City water usually has chlorine in it, which is harmful to plants… rainwater is healthier for plants because it is relatively free of impurities and hard water minerals.” Every aspect of the rain barrel makes it an appealing idea and an obvious choice for those who love both their garden and helping the earth.
While watering the garden is the primary use of the rain barrel, it definitely isn’t the only one. Rain collected in your barrel can be used for just about anything for which you would normally use the hose.
Rain barrels have been in use for ages. With a rain barrel your monthly savings on water will make you wonder why you never got one earlier. Order as many rain barrels as you would like, the entire order will be shipped free straight to your doorstep!

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