How to choose a cat litter box?

A properly selected cat litter box and litter ensure the pet’s comfort and the absence of odor and dirt in the apartment. Moreover, when a kitten appears in the house, choosing the right toilet for him is a matter of particular importance. If the pet does not like the proposed option, he will surely hasten to find a place to send his needs on his own. How to choose the best litter box for large cats?

Today, pet stores have a huge selection of different trays. And choosing the option that the cat will like is sometimes not so easy. Some pets prefer closed options in the form of houses, others are not against a tray with a lattice, but still, others generally recognize only classic bowls. Which litter box should you choose for your cat?

Types of trays:

  • Classic tray. The simplest type of tray has a rectangular shape and small sides. This option is ideal as the first kitten tray, as it is convenient for babies to get inside. In addition, it is easy to take with you on trips: it is lightweight and does not take up much space.
    However, there is a drawback: from diligent burying, the filler can spill out of the tray.
  • High tray. An improved model of the classic version – a tray with high sides. Its main advantage over conventional trays is that the filler does not spill onto the floor. In addition, its price depends on the manufacturer but is usually in the middle range. There is also a more advanced model – a high cat tray with a removable rubber nozzle on the sides. It allows you to secure the bag, which can be simply changed as the tray becomes dirty.
  • Cat tray with lattice the biggest advantage of gridded trays is that you don’t have to purchase filler to use them. The liquid drains into the grate and thus does not stain the cat’s paws. But when choosing this type of tray, you should pay attention to the distance between the grate and the pallet: it should not be too small. In addition, such a tray is not always to the taste of fastidious pets: some are annoyed by the grate, as claws cling to it, while others may not like the lack of filler.
  • The closed litter box for cats closed tray appeared in Russia not so long ago but has already managed to find its fans. Such trays are very similar in appearance to carriers: as a rule, it is a plastic box with a transparent door, some models have a handle on the lid for easy movement. True, it should be borne in mind that not every pet feels comfortable in an enclosed space, and many are distrustful of the tray door. However, resourceful owners usually quickly solve the problem – they simply remove the door. The main advantage of such a model is that a closed cat litter box retains odor well: usually, a charcoal filter is installed in it. But it is cumbersome and takes up a lot of space, so before buying, you should evaluate whether it will fit into your home.
  • Automatic tray. Technology does not stand still, and manufacturers of pet products are not lagging behind. They have gone further and are already offering cat owners sophisticated designs that look like a real toilet bowl. The automatic litter box does not need cleaning, it reacts to movement and cleans the surface after the cat leaves the litter box. The advantage of this type of trays is obvious – they do not need to be removed. But they are not perfect either. The obvious disadvantage is the high price. In addition, cats are often afraid of the process of cleaning the tray and the machine itself, as a result, they refuse to use the automatic tray.

When choosing a tray, be guided not only by the quality of the material and the price, but also take into account the character of the pet, its habits and preferences.

If you choose a kitten tray, then the main thing is its size and quality of the litter. Choose wood litter over clumping as babies love to taste it.

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